Vision for Empowerment is a series of photography & storytelling workshops that provide education, job training, art therapy and empowerment to women living in Kolkata, India. Vision for Empowerment is a project facilitated by photographer Sarah Annay, who has partnered with Her Future Coalition, a nonprofit based in Kolkata, India that offers education, shelter, and job opportunities to survivors of human trafficking and at-risk women and children.

Vision for Empowerment Goals

  • To create new opportunities and provide education in visual arts, storytelling and design
  • To provide art therapy for women and to use photography as a medium to share their visual narrative with the world
  • To focus on portraits that empower and promote positive body image
  • To encourage inclusivity for all women in the art world, by organizing and showcasing students’ work through exhibition and public art displays
  • To employ women in photography, a male-dominated industry in Kolkata and most of West Bengal. Learn more at Her Future Coalition 


To donate, educate or provide assistance for future workshops: